Mia — A Run To The Edge Of The Cliff

The Desi Cracked Pot

Mia sat at the edge of the cliff staring down the steep drop, which ended at hard black rocks, with the sea spalshing at them, surf flying high above them.

This was her favorite place. Secluded, lonely, leaving her all by herself. A place which allowed her to think without getting disturbed by someone, who could deprive her of solitude without offering her any company.

She sat there, her face held in her hands, looking at the waves below, as she thought about tomorrow.

Tomorrow….she would be getting married tomorrow. Not that she wanted to get married. Her parents wanted her to, she was actually repelled by the thought of marriage. The thought of yet another stranger touching her in places where even, she forbade her to touch herself.

A man’s touch was not alien to her. Not the doting touch of her Father, but that invasive touch of a…

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