Losing Sanity

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The sights you see will drive you mad.

George Bernard Shaw once quipped, “If there is life on other planets, they must be using earth for their insane asylum.”  While I often disagree with what Mr. Shaw said, suggesting that the world has gone mad finds me in perfect agreement.  In 1963 a flick was released called It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, featuring Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooney,Buddy Hackett, and Ethel Merman.  People laughed through the film, but no one today is laughing at what’s happening in our world.

Should you check a dictionary, you would find a number of synonyms for the word mad, including insane (more psychological), crazy, and berserk.  And they all mean pretty much the same thing.

If you question that our world has gone mad, how else account for the fact that pharmaceuticals keep drug prices so high that the poor cannot afford them, or deal with the reality that there are over 15 million children in the Sub-Sahara in Africa who are orphans today, often children raising children, whose parents might yet be alive had HIV medication been priced low enough for them to acquire it.

If you question that our world has gone mad, please explain how professional athletes who can hit a ball, throw a football, or dribble a soccer ball very, very well, can knock down $100 million over a five year period of time by endorsing a particular brand of clothing or shoes.

Compare the salaries of athletes and movie stars with those of teachers and health care workers and ask yourself if the world hasn’t gone mad. Yes, I know that income disparity exists, but how much is enough?

Ours, of course, is not the first generation whose values have been skewed and that we are sharing the planet with mad individuals whose driveling insanity threatens humankind today.  In the twentieth century the capacity of those gone mad to spread the plague of insanity grew in proportion to the way technology enabled them. Adolph Hitler, someway surviving attempts to derail him, sent 6 million Jews and 8 million Gentiles to their deaths in the concentration camps of Germany.

Many would say that another kind of madness, perhaps unavoidable and even beneficent in the end, resulted in a nuclear chain reaction on December 1942 as Enrico Fermi and his colleagues at the University of Chicago unleashed the power of nuclear fission. What took place in a squash court under the football stadium on that day enabled scientists to produce “Little Boy,” the code name for the Bomb that fell from the Enola Gay, a B-29, over the city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

Within minutes 80,000 people died and a final toll of those dead or injured was twice that many.  A news reporter standing at Hiroshima began his broadcast at that location after the war with these words, “I am standing at the spot where the end of the world began.”

In his famous position speech at Fulton, Missouri, Winston Churchill, who had led Britain through the war, said, “the Dark Ages may return on the gleaming wings of science—beware, I say, time may be short.”

You may agree it’s a mad, mad world, but the issue is simple, “Can you keep your sanity in a mad, mad, world, and if so, how do you do it?”losing_sanity_by_biobaka

Photo-Essay: The Delhi within Delhi

Café Dissensus

By Jayshree Shukla

Delhi is a city that exists on multiple planes and one that allows you to travel back and forth in time with relative ease. Here you run into the past in nooks and crannies all over the place. Delhi was razed to dust eight times and it rose from the ashes each time. Even so, every one of the eight cities of Delhi still lives and you can find them easily.

Of its seasons, its history, its food and its culture, a lot can be said. It is a city of hot summer loos, watermelons, and mangoes. Delhi is the shehar of peanuts, revadi, and coal roasted shakarkandi in the winters.

Delhi has existed from the 8th century to the present day almost continuously. It was the city of the Tomars and Chauhans and then of the Sultans. It is the city of several dynasties…

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Then And Now …….

The Desi Cracked Pot

Haribhai had led a reasonably happy life. He was about to enter his 70s and when he looked back upon his life, he did not have many regrets.

It was not as if he hadnt had his share of problems, his share of worries, but he had always managed to overcome them and come out stronger, every time.

He had run a successful business enterprise for most of his life. Starting small with little money of his own to begin with and ended up as one of the most powerful man in his community.

By the time he gifted his business to his only son, it was a well established professional company.

His Son had grown up to be a strapping young man who had been coaxed to study sincerely and grew up to be a son any father would have been proud of.

When the time had come to…

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Mia — A Run To The Edge Of The Cliff

The Desi Cracked Pot

Mia sat at the edge of the cliff staring down the steep drop, which ended at hard black rocks, with the sea spalshing at them, surf flying high above them.

This was her favorite place. Secluded, lonely, leaving her all by herself. A place which allowed her to think without getting disturbed by someone, who could deprive her of solitude without offering her any company.

She sat there, her face held in her hands, looking at the waves below, as she thought about tomorrow.

Tomorrow….she would be getting married tomorrow. Not that she wanted to get married. Her parents wanted her to, she was actually repelled by the thought of marriage. The thought of yet another stranger touching her in places where even, she forbade her to touch herself.

A man’s touch was not alien to her. Not the doting touch of her Father, but that invasive touch of a…

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