I am an angry Indian

Young Radical Escapist with Autism

I am an angry Indian

There are many reasons

But silence I cannot maintain

I dare you to call it treason

People are being lynched

Minorities are being targetted

Voices are being silenced

Rationalists are being eliminated

Patriotism is being forced

Sexism is getting enhanced

This is not my India

This is more like China

Celebrating the death of a journalist

No matter her views

Is in the mindset of an extremist

They come in various colours

But now one dominates

Cyber bullying is so common

Worse, the PM follows such trolls

Thus leaving no room for reason

You can call me an anti-national

You can call me a pseudo-liberal

You can call me a Presstitute

You cann call me whatever you like

But you can’t silence me

I will always raise my voice

I will not stand for injustice

It will take a lot to stop me

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