Kele Pe Kachra With Mr. Arun Jaitley

The Desi Cracked Pot


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to yet another episode of our immensely popular segment …. Kele Pe Kachra. Today, in our studio, along with our Inebriated Interviewer, we have, the Man whose grasp on the Economy of India, is as firm as Mike Tyson’s grasp on a violin …. CHOKINGGGGGG !!!…. So, without much further ado, we present to you…Mr. A Runnnnnnnnn Jet Liiiiiiiii !!

II: Welcome to the studio, Sir. Please make yourself comfortable.
AJ: I am always comfortable even when I am in a place that I am not suited for. Thanks.

II: Talking of places you are not suited for, Sir, its been 3 years since you are the Finance Minister, how do you feel?
AJ: Actually, I am more of a Defence Minister than the Finance Minister.

II: Yes, but you are also heading the Finance Ministry…..
AJ: I am more “Defending” the Finance Ministry, so…

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